The Global Biodata Coalition has developed a selection process to define a set of Global Core Biodata Resources that underpin biological, life science and biomedical sciences research worldwide.  The initial list of GCBRs, selected in 2022, can be found on the Global Core Biodata Resources page of the GBC web site. 

The GBC is running a second round of selection for Global Core Biodata Resources during 2023.  The submission period for Expressions of Interest for the 2023 Round was open from 11 April to 8 May 2023, and is now closed.

Please see the GBC website for an overview of the 2023 selection process and frequently-asked questions. The rationale and the key indicators underlying the selection process are set out in the publication Global Core Biodata Resources: Concept and Selection Process

If you have any questions about the selection process, please contact us at


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